Handmade in Verona, Italy since 1925.

Chesini blends traditional craftsmanship with a modern sensibility to create bicycles for sport and leisure.  Finely built, stylish, and where called for, fast.


Gran Premio (GP)

1 ONLY: 56 cm frame, Columbus Spirit HSS + Campagnolo Record group set.  Unbranded carbon wheels are on the floor model.


Reg. price: CAD 9,500.00 / Clearance price: CAD 3,999.00

Chesini Gran Premio GP

Frame set only

Chesini Speciale


1 ONLY: 56 cm., grey & white with chromed accents, Columbus Spirit tubes, silver alloy filet brazed, approx. 3.7 lbs.


Reg. price: CAD 3,350.00 / Clearance price: CAD 1,399.00

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