Handmade in Verona, Italy since 1925.

Chesini blends traditional craftsmanship with a modern sensibility to create bicycles for sport and leisure.  Finely built, stylish, and where called for, fast.



Chesini XCR925



1 only: 56 cm frame, Columbus XCR tubes + Campagnolo Record group set.


Reg. price: CAD 11,500.00

Chesini Gran Premio GP

Gran Premio (GP)

1 only: 56 cm frame, Columbus Spirit HSS + Campagnolo Record group set.  Unbranded carbon wheels are on the floor model.


Reg. price: CAD 9,500.00 / Clearance price: CAD 3,999.00

Chesini X-Uno


1 only: Columbus Spirit, 55 cm steel frame in a translucent red with Campagnolo's Athena group set.


Price: CAD 5,800.00 / Clearance price: CAD 1,999.00

Chesini Criterium


Chesini Scapola

Scapola Verde

The Scapola is a lugged frame with a distinctive seatstay.  A lime green paint job, a red Brooks B17 saddle, matching red wooden grips, a silent, low maintenance belt drive, and a 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub make this a very slick ride.


Reg. price: CAD 2,200.00 / Clearance price: CAD 899.00

Chesini Torpedo Gold


Torpedo Gold

Elegant!  The curved bars under the top tube give this lugged frame its unique personality.  Add the black paint with gold highlights, white tires, leather grips, and a Brooks sprung B67 saddle and you have a bicycle that gives off a distinguished and vintage vibe.  The 5 speed Sturmey Archer internal hub will help you get around while preserving the bike's overall aesthetic.


Reg. price: CAD 1,900.00

Chesini Svelta



This is a smart looking variation on the traditional mixte frame design.  The beautiful red (Bordeaux) paint, chromed lugs, matching flat fenders, white tires, grips & saddle all combine for a bicycle that is both refined and playful - and the 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub will help you go places.


Reg. price: CAD 1,800.00


The classics never die!  Columbus Cromor steel frame with Campagnolo's Veloce group set.


53 cm in Burgundy

55 cm in Sky Blue

57 cm in Matte Black

59 cm in Metallic White


Price: CAD 4,200.00 / Clearance price: CAD 1,749.00

Frame sets only

Chesini Speciale


1 only: 56 cm., grey & white with chromed accents, Columbus Spirit tubes, silver alloy filet brazed, approx. 3.7 lbs.


Reg. price: CAD 3,350.00 / Clearance price: CAD 1,399.00

Chesini Prima


1 only: 54 cm frame (only), white with gold leaf, Columbus Spirit Oversize tubes, tig welded, sloping geometry, asymmetric chain-stay, elliptical seat-stays, ovalised seat tube at the bottom bracket, head tube 1”1/8-1”1/2, bottom bracket BSA, Columbus FEL carbon fork, approx. 3.8 lbs.


Reg. price: CAD 3,350.00


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