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Montague Bikes in Canada

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

In 2018, we are making a renewed push to build our Montague Bikes business.

1. We have a showroom for you to see the bikes, actively ask questions, and RIDE them!

2. Every bike we sell is fully ride-ready: assembled and tuned (in store or via the website).

3. We are competitively priced with ZERO import duties & fees added.

4. This part is challenging for us but here's the experiment: CAD 149 (edited 2018/04/04) shipping in Canada.

5. We'll add incentives to pre-buying. This allows pooling of shipments and shared savings.

Montague bikes are a great product: full-sized yet folding. I can fit two in the back of a Nissan Versa and not worry about bikes hanging off the back of my car on road trips - portability with all the feel and function of a regular bike.

Basic message here is that we want to be your best source for Montague Bikes in Canada. We're small but will work hard for your business. If you're looking, come talk to us!

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