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The Beagle 13 Series

Updated: 3 days ago

This is what we feel we should have done in year one of our journey except that now we have more knowledge and confidence. And somewhere in the craziness that was Covid, we found the conviction to push a little harder for what we believe in.

So here we have it - the Beagle 13 series of frameset and bikes. We want modern performance, are partial to classic design, and (speaking kindly) have moderate budgets. We want to build things that are thoughtful, honest, solid, and FUN - bikes WE would ride.


(We'll add more pics as parts come in and bikes get built.)

13 Frameset

The 13 is made to our specifications by a reputable specialty manufacturer in Taiwan. All bikes are individually built up from the frameset at our shop in Mississauga, Ontario.

All the models in the series are based on this same frameset. It is made from 4130 chromoly steel to absorb road clatter, has a long wheelbase for stable handling, wide tire clearance, and tall steerer tube for a comfortable geometry.

We are building 6 model iterations in 3 categories: city, road, and all-terrain. Each category has 2 models. One with a more upright riser-style handlebar and a second Sport model with a race-style drop bar. The cockpit, transmission, and tires of each model vary to suit its purpose - demonstrating the versatility of the 13 frameset.

All models also share reliable, smooth-rolling wheelsets built in Montreal, Quebec with Alex GD24P rims and Shimano M475 hubs; as well as mechanical Shimano BR-RS305 flat-mount disc brakes (we have a mechanical bias but the frameset is hydraulic able).

The framesets and some parts will be available for purchase at retail. Wholesale pricing will also be available for framesets.


City & City Sport

The City is designed with an upright Dutch-style geometry with nimble handling – a Velo Orange Tourist bar and extra high cut steerer tube, a simple 1x8 (11-34t) Claris transmission with a 42t Alfine crankset, and smooth rolling but robust 700x32mm Michelin Dynamic Classic tires. It also comes with fast spinning and comfortably grippy MKS Lambda pedals (a shop favourite).

The City Sport offers the same classic look in a drop-bar configuration, an expanded Claris 2x8 gearing range (11-34t rear and a 50/34t front), and the same smooth rolling Michelin Dynamic Classic tires. Pedals are switched out for fast spinning MKS GR-9 platform pedals with strapless toe clips.

Road & Road Sport

One of the most requested fixes we get is making road bikes more comfortable. So here:

The Road model offers a sporty but upright riser-style bar on top of a compact Tiagra road 2x10 transmission (11-34t rear and 50/34t front), along with fast 700x28c Michelin Power Cup tires. This model also sports the spin-happy and comfortably grippy MKS Lambda pedals. Upright and fast.

The Road Sport uses the same 2x10 Tiagra transmission (11-34t rear and 50/34t front) and 700x28c Michelin Power Cup tires but with a race-style FSA drop bar and MKS GR-9 platform pedals with strapless toe clips. The steerer tube continues to be cut tall for a quick yet comfortable feel.

All-terrain & All-terrain Sport

For road, hard gravel, and steep hills (they're geared for those).

The All-terrain shares the same upright riser-style bar as the Road but with a Deore 1x10 transmission (11-46t rear and 36t front) and beefy 700x40mm Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H tires. It also comes with fast spinning and comfortably grippy MKS Lambda pedals.

The All-terrain Sport has the same race-style FSA drop bar as the Road Sport along with the MKS-9 platform pedals with strapless toe clips. It maintains the same beefy 700x40mm Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H tires as its sibling but is equipped with a GRX 2x10 transmission (11-36t rear and 46/30t front). Tiagra brake/shifters are used to maintain a mechanical braking system (a shop bias). The steerer tube continues to be cut tall for comfort.


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