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Colnago / Dura-Ace 7700

As far as we can tell, the bike is about 20 years old. Well ridden. Lots of love marks. Shelved a few years ago for a newer carbon number. Love though, it calls out to you.

The owner's been longing for the feel of his old horse. The issue right now is age. His; not the bike. He's getting on and would like more help on the climbs - though I'm absolutely sure he would ride circles around me today. The order: big rings on the rear.

Current setup is a Shimano Dura-Ace 7700 group, 53/39 front & 12-25 / 9 speed rear. An Ultrega 12-27 cassette would have worked but we opted for an 11-34 Deore XT-CSM770 and an XT-RD-M772 derailleur. He's a practical guy. It works!

The pic is just a shot of the test run. The bike is going to get stripped down and re-painted (by someone else) before we re-assemble (with a new chain). Nice project.

The PwC Epic Tour in September ends with a hill they call the Big Gorilla. I'd love to try this bike on that hill.


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