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Montague Boston (Custom)

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Customized for the same sleek feel with added versatility.

It's no secret that we have a soft spot for the Montague Boston. Single speed. Just grab a backpack and go. Fold it for the train, your car, boat, or closet. Not much to worry about.

So why add a 3 speed hub? A lot of people love the Boston's look but are intimidated by the single gear. The 3 speed Nexus hub gives you a little more range. The top gear winds up being just slightly faster than the original 44 x 16t at a ratio of 2.86 while the low gear comes in just a little better than a 44 x 28t at a ratio of 1.54. And it's an internal gear hub & coaster brake - no derailleur, no brake levers. So you get the same carefree look and feel of the original bike with the added comfort of 2 extra gears. Easy living!

And in case we haven't said it enough: folding a full-sized bike is a game changer.


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