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Montague FIT (Custom)

We had a couple of new (circa 2015) Montague frame sets left and decided to indulge some ideas (and actually document them).

For the FIT 21" frame, we installed a Box Three Prime 9 X-wide transmission which boasts an 11-50t in just 9 speeds or 455%! This is rare in a 9 speed and incidentally the same range you'd get if you maxed out a Tiagra 2x10 group set (50/34 x 11-34t) - and most of those are assembled with 11-25 or 11-28 rears. So it just became a case of picking the size of the front chainring. We opted for a 44t front which gives the rider a 4 ratio on the top gear and a 0.88 low gear.

We settled on a 650b x 42mm gravel tire which is a fair bit wider than the standard 700c x 28mm tires normally installed...and with a few more teeth. Definitely a much wider range of terrain.

The brake set are mechanical Avid BB5s with 160mm rotors and FR-5 levers. No fuss. Fully competent. We ride these on our own bikes.

And for comfort we also installed a 28" alloy bar with a 2" rise, a Brooks Standard B17 saddle, and MKS FD-7 alloy folding pedals (that spin beautifully).

All together, it's a simple yet able and convenient package. Grab your backpack, go ride wherever and then fold it into the train, your car, plane, boat, or closet.


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