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Montague Bikes

Montague builds full-sized folding bikes for use on both trail and pavement, that fold in under 30 seconds - without any tools. They started in 1987 out of Cambridge, MA where they are still located today. By our estimation, the current frames are the 5th iteration of the design.

We started selling Montague in 2013. At first, like everyone else, we thought: "Cool concept...but how does it ride?" So we tried them ourselves and blindfolded, you wouldn't even know you were on a folding bike - solid. And having supported the product for 8 seasons now, we can say that they hold up every bit as well as any other bike.

If you're looking for the range of a full-sized bike but want the convenience of being able to fold it into your car's trunk, boat, airplane, or to take it on the GO train, Montague has a model for you. The foldability is a game changer.

You can see the full lineup on our Montague page, online store, on Montague's website (prices in USD), or (in normal non-Covid times) in our physical shop.


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