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Montague FIT (Custom)

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

This was the 2nd custom bike built in our shop. A (2014-15) Montague FIT frame set with a Shimano Deore 3 x 9 drivetrrain (48/36/26t crankset and an 11-28t cassette). The brakes are Avid mechanical disc with compressionless cable housing. Hubs are Shimano. Tires are 32c Clements. Total weight is 11.16 kg / 24.6 lbs.

Aesthetically, we think it's a handsome bike. But it's not just pretty. The drivetrain is versatile (as are the tires), the brakes have zero sponge, the hubs just keep rolling, and after all that - it folds and fits into the trunk of most vehicles (in less than 30 seconds).

A couple of thoughts: 1) Montague bikes are equipped with regular bike parts - great for customization or upgrading throughout your life with the bike; 2) parts matter - these aren't even what you'd call high end parts yet we feel this bike rides like a dream.


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